The Nihilist’s Crown: The Concept


In my last post, I mentioned a project I’m working on entitled the Nihilist’s Crown, and I would like to explain what it is. But first, a confession.

I’m not really a huge fan of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar as a traditional tabletop wargame. It’s the lack of any official points value system that gets to me. Oh, sure, there exist plenty of unofficial tables of points and methods of working out approximate points that exist out there (indeed, I’ve written a few myself) but the lack of any official support for this really bothered me. Though I’m not the most active gamer in relation to the hobby, I enjoy Games Workshop’s games from time to time, and I did enjoy the few times I’ve played Age, but the lack of any standardized balancing system makes it inadequate for the sort of pick-up games that we as hobbyists have grown accustomed to with Warhammer 40,000, Fantasy Battle, et cetera. You have no point of reference for unit capabilities like you do in more traditional wargames. It simply isn’t designed for that sort of thing.

And then I came to a realization.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is absolutely not suited to the more traditional style of wargaming, as its predecessor was, but rather for a more narrative form, similar in fashion to Games Workshop’s classic games Inquisitor, Necromunda, or Mordheim. Like those venerable games, Age lends itself best to games based strongly in backstory, and perhaps more importantly, has a games master, some impartial third party who can “forge the narrative” and re-balance the game as it is being played by the other players.

This is what originally inspired the idea of the Nihilist’s Crown. A story of a group of players, each playing with only a few models, on an epic quest for domination of the brave new world into which we have been placed boots-first by Games Workshop and the games master (me!) My hope is that through this project, I can bring some of the grim darkness of the Old World into the Eight Realms, that terrible quality which Games Workshop has so spectacularly failed to evoke in their newer art and setting.

Forget all you think you know about the Eight Realms. Forget all you think you know about the aelflings and the duardin, or the orruks, or the ogor (or whatever the hell they’re called nowadays 😉 ) Forget what you think you know about the nature of the noble and the divine.

Worlds died, their peoples screaming even as they were swept up into dust. Gods were murdered, and their temples put to torch. For in the First Days, even He Who Rides upon the Storm cowed in terror before Chaos, and their Lords were mighty indeed…



The Nihilist’s Crown: The Concept

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